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Caballitos del Mar
: Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Central America (3 Hours from San Jose, 30 Minutes South of Quepos)

Caballitos 2014

On the southwest coast of Costa Rica, Dominical has the unspoiled beauty, biodiversity, and lush tropical feel that people associate with Costa Rica and the Pura Vida lifestyle.

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Set in the jungle, each house is literally steps from the sand. This is a fantastic location for individual family vacations, re-unions, travel adventure groups, intimate weddings, and small company retreats.

There are three, nearly identical private homes on the property. There is an on-site caretaker and night-time security. Each home sleeps 6 – 8 people and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool, large ocean-facing patio, covered outdoor seating, outdoor shower. Each home may be rented individually or together based on availability.

Open Architecture and tropical feel, inside and out. Plenty of space to spread out, hang out together, settle in, and relax.

Comfort! Each bedroom has its own air conditioner, fan, screened windows and sliding glass doors.

Beds and furniture are excellent quality, very comfortable, and much of it was built by local craftsmen.

Large, covered patios and tropical setting. Fantastic for spending time with family and friends. And, each home has it’s own pool.

There are a variety of excellent surf spots starting with the beach break just past the pool.

The natural beauty of Costa Rica is served up inside and out in these beautifully designed homes located close to town, but far from anything you have ever seen in this area of Costa Rica. The open architecture takes advantage of the incredible setting. The home feels light and airy with great views from almost every window. Lush gardens and the sweeping sand beach are seamlessly joined by natural trees and plants.

The family room, dining room, kitchen, and upstairs seating area have ceiling fans, and screened windows and doors.

Playa Dominical and the nearby coastal town of Uvita have loads of restaurants featuring local flavors and casual dining. The variety of eateries bring out the international diversity of people who have found their way to this fantastic, tropical beach town. The community of Dominical is very welcoming and the authentic Costa Rican, Pura Vida vibe abounds. There are no casinos, high-rise hotels, or fancy nightclubs; but Dominical does have a great night life based on people coming together to eat, drink, dance, and socialize in the casual atmosphere of this south Pacific beach town.

The place has something surprising and pleasant for people of every age. The homes and surrounding environment are very family and child friendly, designed to make it easy for people to spend time together in paradise. It is important to remember, as with all Pacific beaches and resorts, young children should be supervised while playing in the ocean or pool.

The beach at low tide is expansive and inviting. Sunrises and sunsets are often spectacular. You will find much of what you have dreamed of Costa Rica, right here at Caballitos del Mar (Little horses of the Sea).

What makes Caballitos del Mar so unique?

The area along the coast in Costa Rica is called “The Maritime Zone” and extends roughly from the median tide line to 300 meters on shore. In Costa Rica it is not legal to “own” property in the Maratime Zone, so the government grants a limited number of “concessions” that allow the concession owner to “use” the land in a controlled manner intended to preserve the ecological balance and natural resources for Costa Ricans and their guests. Caballitos del Mar is a unique concession that brings together the beauty of the mountains, the jungle, and the beach. Approximately 1 mile south of the town of Domincal, Caballitos is at the end of the beach giving it a secluded and uncrowded feeling.
Some things we would like you to know and respect about Caballitos:

  • There is a fantastic variety of wild life that shares this small strip of paradise, including sea turtles, macaws, iguanas, and the occasional monkey. One guest spotted sixty different types of birds from one of the pools over a one-week stay. We ask that our guests go out of their way to make room for the natural inhabitants and to do nothing to disturb or injure them.
  • While water is plentiful in Costa Rica, our water comes from a municipal well. We ask that you conserve water by taking short showers and being mindful of ways that water is consumed. Use what you need, but don’t use it needlessly.
  • Our toilet facilities are connected to an on-site, waste-water treatment system. This system is state-of-the art and delivers non-potable water back to the environment for irrigation in the dry season. Like being on a boat, our toilets can only handle human waste. We cannot flush ANY paper products, sanitary items, chemicals, or non-biodegradable solids.
  • Public access to the ocean and beach is the right of every Costa Rican citizen. While our homes and the concession property are considered private, the public road and the beach are meant to be accessible to our hosts. We ask you to be courteous and polite in your interactions with the people who do come to use the beach.
  • Caballitos del Mar is set in the Dominical community and we are expected to be good neighbors.
  • We ask that you be sure to bring any trash, empty bottles, clothes, beach toys, and left over food back up to the house when you leave the beach and public areas.
  • While we want you to enjoy all your time at Caballitos, we ask that you keep the loud music and noise down between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

There are a number of animals that react badly to bright light at night, so we also ask that you do not direct any high-intensity flashlights, garden, or house-lights toward the beach as it this is particularly harmful to turtles that come to lay eggs.

We are excited to share Caballitos and hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy this truly unique place. One of the most frequent comments we hear from guests is that they intended to go to see many more of the local attractions, but they found themselves wanting to spend time at Caballitos. It is captivating in many ways.